Croatia, North Dalmatia, Zadar

Zadar, the pearl of the Croatian coast, attracts visitors with its rich history, picturesque landscape and unique combination of modernity and tradition. Located on the coast of the Adriatic Sea, Zadar is a city that delights with its cultural heritage, beautiful beaches and the incredible atmosphere that stretches through the streets of its old town core.
Sea Organ and Salutation to the Sun: Zadar is known for its innovative installations that combine art and natural elements. Sea organs are unique musical instruments that produce sounds according to the waves of the sea, creating a melody that intertwines with natural rhythms. Right next to them is Salutation to the Sun, an installation that transforms the sun's energy into light games and spectacular scenes during the night.
Forum: Zadar is home to numerous historical monuments, and the Forum is the heart of the old town. Here you can see the remains of an ancient Roman temple, church and other historical buildings. Take a walk through this stone square and immerse yourself in the city's rich history.
Church of St. Donata: This unique pre-Romanesque church dates back to the 9th century and has become a symbol of Zadar. Its circular construction and simple design leave you breathless, and the interior offers a beautiful view of the city.
Narodni trg: The central square in Zadar, Narodni trg, is the place where locals and visitors meet. It is surrounded by baroque palaces and is an ideal place for drinking coffee or relaxing while observing the city atmosphere.
Beaches: Zadar offers a variety of beaches for all tastes. Borik is a family beach with shallow waters, ideal for children. Kolovare is a city beach with plenty of facilities, while on Puntamica you can relax in a quieter environment.
Evening walks: Zadar becomes especially magical in the evening hours. A walk along the waterfront with beautiful sunsets and illuminated city walls will provide you with unforgettable moments.
Gastronomic offer: A visit to Zadar would not be complete without tasting local delicacies. Try homemade prosciutto, Pag cheese, seafood and traditional Dalmatian specialties. Restaurants in the old city center offer an authentic experience of Mediterranean cuisine.
Zadar is a destination that offers many attractions and experiences for diverse interests. Regardless of whether you are a lover of history, art, nature or gastronomy, this city will surely charm you with its unique atmosphere and rich offer.

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