The traveler has the right to submit a complaint due to the unfulfilled agreed upon service. The traveler is obligated to issue a written complaint to ATLANTIS within 8 days after the finalization of the trip. Complaints issued after the deadline of 8 days will not be taken into consideration. We emphasize that it is in the best interest of the traveler to perform in good will and to show good will in solving the complaint during the trip and to submit his written complaint to the service provider on the spot (front desk, transport operator, caterer or travel agency in the destination) and to seek a written confirmation from the service provider that they received the complaint. Every traveler – contract carrier, issues a complaint individually. ATLANTIS will not take group complaints into consideration. ATLANTIS is obligated to issue a written solution for the complaint within 15 days after receiving the complaint and this is to be done in the way the complaint was received (e-mail, mail or personal deliver where it will be responded to through a written package with a return receipt). ATLANTIS will solve only those complaints where the traveler submits evidence that he has submitted a complaint to the service provider on the spot and that the cause could not be removed on the spot. If through the fault of ATLANTIS the program or a part of the service was unfulfilled, the traveler has the right to compensation to the height of the real value of the unused service and this cannot include already used services as well as the entire amount of the arrangement. In case of last minute contracts OR contracts where the TRAVELLER finds out the accomodation title upon arrival at the destinaton (promotions like fortune, roulette, no name, ace, jocker…) the TRAVELLER will accept all inherent risks. Such journeys involve unpredictable conditions (Force Majeure) which ATLANTIS cannot control in any way. What is more, the traveller has opted for this kind of arrangement due to special price, therefore any responsibility for claims arising from this arrangement will be waived by ATLANTIS.
In case of disputes related to online sales and service contracts, a consumer can file a complaint or submit his dispute through an interactive platform created to resolving disputes online, accessible via the following link:
In any case, the applicant may submit a proposal for conciliation to the Center for the Conciliation of the Croatian Chamber of Economy, Rooseveltov trg 2, 10000 Zagreb,
Until ATLANTIS delivers a decision, the traveler shall abandon mediation of any other person, court establishments or providing information to the media.


In accordance with Art. 6 item 3 of the Law on Provision of Services in Tourism (“Narodne novine” 130/17) we inform customers that a complaint which express their dissatisfaction with respect to the purchased product or service provided may be submitted in writing and in the business premises and they will receive confirmation of this objection without any delay. An objection can also be filed by post to the following address:

Atlantis Travel d.o.o.
Slavonija 1/3
35000 Slavonski Brod


Atlantis travel d.o.o.
Petrinjska 59
10 000 Zagreb

or to the e-mail address: or

or to the Book of Appeal that is exhibited at the office.

The response to the written complaint of the consumer will be given in writing no later than 15 days from the date of receipt of the complaint, so please leave us your contact address for delivery of the response.

Name and surname: ___________________
Response delivery address: ___________________

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