Croatia, Kvarner, Rijeka

Kvarner or Kvarner`s bay is bay in northeast part of Adriatic sea between Istria and Croatian coast. Biggest islands in Kvarner bay are: Krk, Cres, Lošinj, Rab and Pag. Other smaller islands are Unije, Susak, Ilovik, Plavnik, Prvić, St. Grgur, Goli otok etc.


Island Krk is fatefully linked to number seven: in 7th century Croats settled, seven times it defend itself from pirates, 7th Frankopan was last Krk`s prince, today island has seven main centers. There is a healing mud on island Krk, more specifically on west side of bay Klimno.Beach is shallow which makes it perfect for families with children. You can walk on beach more than 100m, and the sea is still knee-deep! Many are satisfied with healing mud effects on their own skin, so they are gladly coming back again. Exactly that healing mud is used for arthritis treatment.


Island Cres abounds with natural beauty and very distinctly difference between islands north and south. On north part of island, dominate steep cliffs with high and thick oak forests, while the south part of island is dappled with pastures and barren land. There is centuries old tradition of sheep farming. Sheeps were main source of meat and milk. Also, products from Cres wool are widely known. It should be noted, as special interesting fact, unusual natural occurrence – freshwater lake Vrana. Lake level is below sea level, which makes it very interesting. Mith and legend says there`s a castle on the bottom of the lake.


Apart from its uniqueness, the island of Lošinj is special for having one big town - called Mali Lošinj (mali - little) ... and one small town called Veli Lošinj (veli- big). And still so many interesting facts and resources in a small area of exceptional history and tradition. Lošinj tourism is aimed at creating a "brand" that is, ways of recognizing the island (climate, dolphins, Manora, local cuisine). The advantage of the island, despite early and strong tourism development, its natural beauty is not destroyed.


During the summer months on the island of Rab are held numerous events and entertainment such as the Musical evenings, Rab art summer, Rab Fair, Crossbowman, Rab summer festival and many others. Sports fans can enjoy hiking and biking trails, scuba diving, sea kayaking, various water sports, paintball, hunting, fishing and other sports activities. Those who want to explore the island little better can go on various offered trips. Visit various locations in and around the island and get to know each corner. Do not miss to visit the Zavratnica, one of the most beautiful bays of the Croatian coast, where you can see the remains of a warship from 1944.


Pag Island is known as one of the sunniest island in the Adriatic with more than 2,500 hours of sunshine annually. The average annual temperature is 15C˚. Specialty and interesting things of island Pag are the sources of drinking water and numerous submarine springs in the sea. The water on the island comes mainly under the seabed from Velebit slopes. There are three freshwater swamp-like lakes: Great mud, Little mud and Kolan mud. Although the climate on the island is Mediterranean, the vicinity of Velebit affects the vegetation of the island - the eastern part is, due to the strong winds and heavy frost, quite naked, but in spite of this, the island kept its autochthonous evergreen.


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