Croatia, Istria, Pula

Istria is the largest peninsula in the Adriatic Sea. The peninsula is located at the head of the Adriatic Sea between the Gulf of Trieste and the Gulf of Kvarner. It is shared by three countries: Croatia, Slovenia and Italy. Croatia includes most of the Istrian peninsula with its Istrian county.

The geographical features of Istria include the Učka mountain range, which is the highest part of the Ćićarija mountain range; rivers Dragonja, Mirna, Pazinčica and Raša; and the Lim Bay and valley. Istria is located in three countries: Croatia, Slovenia and Italy. By far the largest part (89%) is located in Croatia. "Croatian Istria" is divided into two counties, the larger of which is the Istrian County in western Croatia. Important cities in the County of Istria are Pula, Poreč, Rovinj, Pazin, Labin, Umag, Motovun, Buzet and Buje. Smaller towns in the County of Istria are Višnjan, Roč and Hum.


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