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Opatija – the pearl of the Adriatic

Opatija is the jewel of the Croatian Adriatic that is situated in the Kvarner Bay in an ideal location between the Adriatic Sea and Mountain Učka. Due to its location, mild climate and beautiful sea views from the famous Lungomare promenade, it is a desirable European destination from the very beginning of tourism development on the Adriatic.

What to see and to visit in Opatija?

1. Symbol of Opatija and Kvarner: „A girl with a seagull“
The graceful sculpture of „the Girl with the Seagull“ is located on a cliff that has an impressive view of the sea and the town, therefore it is a favorite location for taking pictures among visitors.

You can take pictures free of charge thanks to Photospot that is located next to „The girl with the seagull“ and to download it online as the card!

2. Lungomare promenade
In the small town Volosko begins the 12 km long coastal Lungomare promenade, which is ideal for long romantic walks overlooking the sea and the sunset, as well as exploring the beauties of the town and learning about its rich history and culture. While walking along this road you can see magnificent villas, monuments, beautiful pebble beaches and enjoy the fragrant coastal plants and to have rest in the shade of centuries-old oaks.

3. Croatian „Walk of fame“
Famous people who contributed to the promotion of Croatia in the world, have received their “star“ on the Croatian version of „Walk of fame“. Some of them: Dragutin Tadijanović, Miroslav Krleža, Rade Šerbedžija, Oliver Dragojević, Janica Kostelić, Dražen Petrović, Goran Ivanišević, Nikola Tesla and many others.

4. The Green Fairytale of Angiolina Park and St. Jakov Park
Opatija is also known as a "park town" whose park architecture is a blend of beautiful scenery and natural heritage. In the very center of Opatija there is the second oldest park and protected monument of park architecture - St. Jakov Park. Its creation is connected with the construction of the monastery (of Opatija) called St.Jakov that is the oldest building in Opatija after which the town of Opatija was named. In addition to the beautiful, numerous and exclusive plant species and green lawns there is also a baroque fountain with a sculpture of the Greek god Sun and Goddess of the Moon, as well as accentuated paths and stairs, the Juraj Šporer Art Pavilion, the Croatian Museum of Tourism etc.

The historical importance of one of the most award-winning parks in Croatia - Angiolina Park began in 1844 year with the construction of a Villa Angiolina. This park is famous for its exotic plants from different parts of the world, laurel, the floral symbol of the town - camellias and the Music Pavilion.

5. Natural park Učka
For all those looking for an active vacation, there is a Mountain Učka with plenty of cycling and hiking trails. Except for recreation you can enjoy the biodiversity of Učka and visit the Vela Draga Canyon with its vantage point adorned with limestone columns and fossil-obscured rocks, as well as Lovranska Draga with one of the most beautiful waterfalls in the Nature Park leading by the Slap Promenade and numerous other places.

6. Croatian Museum of Tourism
In the Angiolina Park there is the permanent exhibition "Opatija - The Golden Beginning of Croatian Tourism" of the Croatian Museum of Tourism. In the museum you can find unique photographs, documents, drawings and postcards of Opatija – the items of the oldest Croatian tourist destination.

7. The first hotel on the Adriatic coast
In Opatija you can find different types of accommodation, from charming hotels on the seacoast to private apartments. Among the many hotels in Opatija, the Remisens Premium Hotel Kvarner is the first hotel on the Adriatic coast built in 1884 year. Its architecture exudes elegance and its terrace next to the Lungomare Promenade offers a perfect breathtaking sea view.

8. Top quality restaurants, taverns and cafes: tasting of delicious Opatija's cuisine
In many perfect restaurants and taverns you can try Mediterranean seafood dishes, delicios Mediterranean meals such as bitter wild asparagus and Kvarner shrimp. Opatija also has a special Kamelija cake made exclusively from Mediterranean foods so you can taste it in Opatija's hotels restaurants and cafes.

In addition to being the oldest and most popular tourist destination in Croatia, Opatija is also a major event hub when it comes to business tourism, thanks to the numerous conference halls of Opatija hotels. Opatija's congressional tradition has been lasting for over 120 years including about 500 congresses, seminars and other business events that take place every year. Also, Opatija is a well-known spa destination with numerous wellness and spa centers.

The rich tradition and history, the beauty of nature parks and beaches and the wide range of accommodation facilities, congress halls, restaurants and cafes are among the many reasons why tourists return to Opatija.

Enjoy the pearl of the Adriatic, its rich history and culture!


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