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Bosnia and Herzegovina, Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina, Sarajevo

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Bosna i Hercegovina


Bosnia and Herzegovina (abbreviated: BiH; Serbian: Bosnia and Herzegovina, BiH) is a country in Southeastern Europe. It borders Croatia, Serbia and Montenegro.

It is located in the southeast of Europe, in the western part of the Balkan Peninsula. Its area is 51,209.20 km2 (51,209.2 km2 of which 51,197 km2 is land and 12.2 km2 is sea). The length of the border with neighboring countries is 1,538 km, of which the land border is 774 km long, the river border is 751 km, and the sea border is 13 km. It borders Croatia to the north, northwest and south (932 km), Serbia to the east (357 km) and Montenegro to the southeast (248 km). In the extreme south, on the territory of the municipality of Neum, it opens onto the Adriatic Sea in a length of about 20 km. The borders of Bosnia and Herzegovina are mainly of natural origin and are mostly formed by the rivers Drina, Sava and Una, and mountains such as Dinara in the southwest.
The highest peak is Maglić (2,386 m), in the southeastern part, on the border with Montenegro. The longest river that flows through Bosnia and Herzegovina is the Sava, and the largest of the lakes is the Buško, an artificial reservoir with an area of ​​56.7 km2.
Almost 50% of the territory of Bosnia and Herzegovina is under forests. The largest forest areas are in the central, eastern and western parts of Bosnia.

It is a complex federal state with elements of a confederation. Administratively, it is divided into 2 entities: the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina (51%) and Republika Srpska (less than 49%) and the Brčko District. The capital and largest city of the country is Sarajevo.
There are three constituent nations living in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bosniaks, Serbs and Croats, and Bosniaks are the ethnic majority. Apart from them, other ethnic communities live in the country: Albanians, Montenegrins, Jews, Macedonians, Roma, Slovenes, Turks and others. Regardless of ethnicity, citizens of Bosnia and Herzegovina are often colloquially identified as Bosnians

According to the results of the 2013 census, it had 3,531,159 inhabitants.

The official languages ​​are Bosnian (Bosniak), Croatian and Serbian

The climate is moderately continental with warm summers and cold winters. Areas with high altitude have short cool summers and long, sometimes severe winters. On the coast and in the south of the country, winters are mild and rainy.

The monetary unit is the convertible mark (KM; BAM); 1 KM = 100 pfennigs.
The exchange rate of the convertible mark (KM) is tightly linked to the Euro exchange rate (1.95 KM = 1 Euro)

Time zone
UTC +1 (EET)

Internet domain: .ba

Call number: +387


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