Croatia, Istria, Rovinj

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Rovinj is a city that can certainly be awarded the title of the most romantic city in Croatia. With its narrow, steep and sloping streets and interesting architectural looks, it resembles a fairytale town and delights its visitors at a glance.

The city's historical core is from the early Middle Ages, and it's surrounded by the defensive wall. The city had seven entrances, three of which preserved the original shape. The part of Rovinj inside the old walls - a cramped space on a small limestone island, determined the form of the settlement. The Rovinj landscape has a peculiarity that makes it an important natural sight in Croatia. The old part of the town was once on the island, but in the 18th century the canal was buried and the peninsula was built. The city represents the eternity of Rome, the beauty of Venice and the elegance and charm of the Mediterranean.

After Rovinj, we will visit the Lim Channel, the pearl of Istria, where you can taste seafood in one of the restaurants with a beautiful sea view.


Sightseeing of Rovinj

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Duration: 4 hours

What to wear: comfortable shoes

What to take: camera


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