Croatia, South Dalmatia, Dubrovnik

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The picturesque road along the southern coast of the Adriatic, through the fertile valley of the Neretva River and a small part of the territory of Bosnia and Herzegovina, will lead us to the very south of Dalmatia in the city of Dubrovnik.

Due to its exceptional beauty and rich cultural heritage, Dubrovnik is included in the UNESCO World Heritage Register. Fenced by a powerful fortress wall, guarded by several forts, Dubrovnik is a real treasury of architectural and cultural masterpieces that have been carefully preserved for centuries. A guided tour of the historic city will introduce you to the main attractions: squares, palaces, churches and museums. Walking along the stone streets of Dubrovnik you will learn the secrets of his past and get acquainted with his present. Touch its stone walls and feel how the time line between you and the people who lived here centuries ago is erased. Visiting Dubrovnik, you will understand why it is called the pearl of the Adriatic!




Dubrovnik - a popular film destination

Popularity of Dubrovnik greatly helped Hollywood movies filmed on its historical streets. The last such project was the series "Game of Thrones" that Dubrovnik lifted high on Hollywood sets. There is no doubt that this popular series has opened many doors for this small town on the Adriatic. Tourism and film industry go hand in hand to each other, so that the future of this city certainly can only further flourish. Fans of this popular series travel miles and miles to see and feel all the locations where their favorite series were filmed to experience the scene from a small screen.

Dubrovnik is a city in southern Croatia, administrative center of Dubrovnik-Neretva County and one of the most historic Croatian tourist destination. It is 25 km distant from the international airport of Dubrovnik, regularly connected with most of European cities, and the 90 km distant from the highway, which connects Croatia with Europe. In addition to a very good air and land connections, Dubrovnik boasts excellent maritime connection. Dubrovnik port is one of the most visited in the Mediterranean. It is the first point maritime route from east to west on entering in the Adriatic Sea, it is protected with islands and the Neretva valley is the fastest communication with the interior. Recent archaeological research found that a settlement on the site of the city existed in the 6th century, and probably before. Dubrovnik expanded with the arrival of the Croats after the ancient Epidaurus (today's Cavtat) in the 7th century.

Of the many manifestations of Dubrovnik, one should emphasize the Dubrovnik Summer Festival, which was founded in 1949. The unique ambience of the closed and open stages of the Renaissance and Baroque city of Dubrovnik in the period from 10 July to 25 August held numerous music, drama and dance performances. The backbone of the festival are works of Marin Držić, Gundulić Ivan, Ivo Vojnovic, William Shakespeare, Carlo Goldoni, the Greek tragedians and others. The musical part of the program presents the best local composers, soloists and orchestras, and their foreign guests. Display even operas, particularly comic. Libertas Film Festival started in 2005 with the idea that the festival cultural offer should be expanded with the film offer. The festival takes place during the summer and on a repertory are films and documentary films from independent productions dedicated to the promotion of freedom in countries around the world. Movies rated best by the audience receives a special audience award.

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Deatails of the excursion: 

Duration: 10-12 hours 

What to wear: sports clothes and shoes, swimsuit  

What to bring: Camera, passport with you because of travel through the territory of Bosnia and Herzegovina.


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